Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chapter 2 - Mitt and a Tea-Party Dominated Congress Will Destroy America

The Combination of Mitt and a Tea-Party Dominated Congress Will Destroy America

Americans voted two years ago in anger to elect a very conservative, Tea-Party led Republican majority in the House. Given that a vast majority of all incumbents win re-election, the next House will probably again have a Republican majority. And given the large numbers of Tea-Party members of the Republican majority, virtually nothing will be approved by the House unless the Tea-Party supports it. Look at the results of the 112th Congress – they have passed the fewest laws passed of any Congress in history, shut down the FAA, and nearly brought us to a completely unnecessary default; but they voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act (voting for a Bill that they KNOW will never become law) 33 times! 33 times!

The Tea-party is such a sad joke. They say taxes are too high. Compared to what? The truth is that in the US in 2009 (the last year data is available) the taxpayers paid the total LOWEST tax rate for the past 30 years. The US now has some of the lowest tax rates in the world and the lowest in recent history. And the result is clear: huge deficits, decaying infrastructure, and a massive reduction in investment in education.

If the Tea-Party really wanted America to be great again, they would push us to return to the period when America was strong; when we had the ability to invest in our roads and bridges, the education of our youth, and could run a surplus and reduce our debt. And it was so not that many years ago. Under Bill Clinton, the US government ran a surplus for four straight years. And we were unquestionably the strongest nation on the planet. Within eight short years, George Bush had damaged our finances, our military, and our international standing so badly that we have fallen a long way. We need to invest in ourselves, to make ourselves stronger and better. The Tea-party has exactly the WRONG solution for America.

What is their real agenda? Simple: I’ve got mine, and I don’t care about you. The Tea-party serves the 1%, or really the 1% of the 1% (like Mitt) who know they will be OK even if everyone else crashes and burns. They are not Patriots. They are greedy, self serving leeches who are willing to hurt this nation so they can own yet another house in a gated community, or Cadillac, or Swiss bank account. Mitt is their poster child.

For the past two years the Tea-party leaders have tried to destroy this great nation, but have been stymied by the President. But if Mitt is in the White House, he will follow their lead. Why are the very rich pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into Mitt’s campaign? It’s an investment in a politician who will give them what they want – at the expense of the rest of us. A vote for Mitt is a vote for the most conservative Tea-Party Republican agenda. An agenda that will the push the US to default on its debt, devastate our military, and crash the world’s our country’s economy.

Think it won't happen? Are you willing to take the risk?

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