Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chapter 1 - Abortion will become a crime

Abortion - including all abortions in the past - will become a crime.

It is obvious that the Supreme Court is nearly evenly divided between liberals and conservatives. When abortion was declared legal in 1973 by the famous 7-2 Roe v. Wade decision, the court was much more liberal in its makeup. Four members of the court are now 73 or older (two liberals and two conservatives). It’s very likely that one or more of
them will be leaving the bench in the next four years. The President who serves from 2013-2017 will make the appointment(s).

Despite the fact that Mitt Romney has clearly flip-flopped on this issue in the past, during the debates he stated: " can count on me, as president, to pursue a policy that protects the life of unborn,whether here in this country or overseas. And I'll reverse the policies of this president.". What would he do if confronted with a vacancy on the Court? On January 23, 2012 he stated regarding Roe v. Wade: “ we recommit ourselves to reversing that decision..”. Based on his recent words, and because of his past record of flip-flopping, he will undoubtedly bend over backwards to satisfy the social conservatives in the Republican Party and nominate a candidate who definitely will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. And there are plenty of Republican-backed states who will quickly develop cases that will test the law.

Within a short time, Roe v. Wade would be struck down and states would be free to enact legislation banning a woman's right to choose. At least seven already have such laws on the books ready to go into force. Others will follow. The result will be a return to the 60s. Women will die from botched self-abortions and backroom hacks. Millions of unloved, unwanted babies will be born, ending up poor, uneducated, and very likely in prison. Other states will follow the example of Virginia, whose state Legislature passed a bill in February that required women to undergo an invasive, state mandated penetration (the definition of rape). Only after the bill had passed and was about to be signed into law did the public’s indignation stop this from becoming law.

But there's more. The Republican war on women continues. Some states are now in the process of enacting "personhood" legislation declaring abortion to be murder. The 2012 Republican Platform supports a "human life amendment to the Constitution" that would make abortion a crime. If these ideas become law, think of the potential result - anyone who had a legal abortion in the past could be charged with first degree murder, which in many states is punishable by death. Anyone living in those states, or anyone who might travel to those states could be arrested, tried for murder, convicted and executed.

Think it won't happen? Are you willing to take the risk?

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  1. J anybody -

    you paint a very scary picture of Romney being elected. To think that women would lose all of the hard fought and worthwhile gains that they have made in the past century. Very scary what the far Right Conservative Republican minority has in mind for the rest of us.

    thank you for posting your thinking!
    ~ E T